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Vitamin D Deficiency Beware the Plaza staff!

Professor Dr. derhand Dirac said that the movement and Vitamin D Deficiency directly affected bone health and muscle strength and that there was a part that could not relax enough due to inactivity with the busy work life and could not distribute the stress load. Vitamin D Deficiency Effect and Rehabilitation Istanbul University Faculty …

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Breastfeeding Most Effective Influenza Drug | Infants or young children

Breastfeeding , infants or young children , Influenza

Breastfeeding and Influenza infections and infectious diseases have increased in infants and young children. These days when the winter season is at its heaviest. What are the most effective methods for influenza and respiratory tract infection for your baby?  Istinye University Hospital Child Health and Diseases / Neonatology Specialist Burçin İşcan, breastfeeding the …

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Natural Teeth Whitening Methods 7 Simple Ways

Teeth Whitening Paths Tooth whiteness is very important for every woman. Beautiful and white teeth add beauty to man’s beauty. The teeth that illuminate the face of a person, the cleansing of a woman, and the manifestation of her self. We drink a lot of coffee and tea and this …

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