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Causes of Nail Breakage: Why are my Nails breaking all of a sudden

Causes of Nail Breakage

Causes of Nail Breakage

Breaking nails is an extremely important question for women. The nails are the most valuable part of the hands of women, and broken nails are a big problem for women. Most women will stretch their fingernails and their beautiful appearance will make your hands look good. This problem is also very important for women who do not prolong their nails. The nails are broken and always hanging in places when doing business. This situation, which is extremely unhealthy, often causes problems for people to suffer. Nail breakage is a 15% problem in men and 85% in women. There may be a lot of problems under the nail breakdown. Whether or not you want to break a nail, let’s examine it and see what Causes of Nail Breakag

Why Nail Breaks

Nail breakage may be due to vitamin deficiency in general. This problem is much more common in irregularly fed people. People who do not get enough vitamins and people who have anemia problems are found to break nails. It may also be due to external factors, such as nail breakage, which may also be related to habituation. Sometimes we unwittingly do some hand gestures and we can experience nail breaks because of this habit. Let’s see why the nail is broken .

Eating habits

Inadequate and irregular eating habits can cause nails to break and also cause many illnesses. Insufficient nutrients, such as minerals, vitamins and proteins in the body of the very important deficiencies and the fingernails are affected by these deficiencies. The main ingredient of hair loss is these shortcomings. We should get a habit of eating small amounts and plenty of nutrients and we must lose the vitamin deficiency in our bodies. Vitamin deficiency is very important for nail health. Because the body without vitamins can not produce blood, anemia is the leading cause of nail breakage . Anemia is very important for hair and nail health and anemia is the biggest cause of hair loss. Breaking nails in people who are without blood is a very lively question.



Nail breakage is very common in people who use unhealthy cosmetic products. Hand creams have bad effects on the nails if they are not of good quality. Because facial creams are also applied by hand, the fingernails can remain under the influence of these products. Avoiding poor quality products and choosing natural products will give you much better results than using chemical products instead of using non-additive products. Cosmetic products supported by chemistry show that the nail breaks up too much.


Biotin deficiency

Biotin has many problems such as hair loss, nail breakage, skin problems, muscle aches and nervous system problems in those who have vitamins and biotin deficiency in the body. This deficiency is not a known shortcoming but it is very important for our body. People with these deficiencies are understood when their blood pressure is measured by doctors when they have such discomfort. So if you have such problems, you can do biotin supplements. Or you can go to your doctor and look at your blood values.

External factors

The fingernails are very fragile even when exposed to excessive wear. Excessive contact with water can cause wear. Hand washing, very dishwashing, too much contact with detergent can cause your fingernails to wear and break. This is the leading cause of nail breakage. If possible, you can protect your fingernails by wearing gloves when doing these heavy tasks. It is especially important that you protect your nails from detergent. Detergent has very negative effects on nail health.

To play nail edges unconsciously

Sometimes we play with nail edges and this can become a habit. We usually get this habit when you are nervous and stressed. If this is a habit, we will repeat this habit without noticing. As we play with the nail edges, we break the nails and cause erosion at the edges. We should notice this habit that we made unconsciously and we have to be careful not to do it.

Diseases Causing Nail Breakage

Liver, Heart, Lung-centered diseases
Liver, heart and lung diseases can give a lot of signs in the human body that go wrong. One of the most important of these statements is the problems experienced in the nails. These diseases are caused by undernutrition and over-sensitivity in the nails. If you do not have health problems, you may be a symptom for you if you are not aware of these problems. Taking this fact into consideration, you will have a right to have a doctor’s examination saying there is something wrong with you.


Psoriasis is not only the disease but also the diseases that cause you to have problems in the nails. Since psoriasis is not an easy disease, you can be careful to keep your nails with this disease clean and disinfect as much as possible. Nail Fungus Nail fungus is a disease that should be paid attention to not only the feet but also the hands. The nail fungus on your feet adversely affects your toenails and disrupts your healthy appearance. Nail fungus treatment is possible diseases and cleaning is very important in the treatment of nail fungus. You can get rid of this problem with the necessary medication and cream treatment of nail fungus in the well disinfected feet and hands.

Infectious Diseases

In infectious diseases, infection affects not only the place where it is, but the whole body. For this reason, infectious diseases should be treated with necessary medication without coming to neglect, and hands and nails should be disinfected with more attention in such a case. Anemia Anemia causes many problems in your fingernails as well as hair loss. Absolutely your anxiety problem you should go that nail breakage problem can be treated in this way only. Anemia causes severe discomfort in the whole body.

Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism

Hypothyroidism means that the thyroid glands normally function less. Hyperthyroidism is a disorder in which the thyroid glands function normally. The normal or less than normal functioning of the thyroid glands affects the health of the nail in two ways. An unusual condition is two dangerous conditions that cause many diseases. Thyroid therapy is also necessary in these two cases, and as a result of this treatment, nail fractures and nail problems only disappear.

Nail Structure 

If the structure of the nail is known, it is clear why the nail is broken. The nail contains plenty of keratin and calcium. The rate of keratin in the hand nail is greater than in the foot nail. The higher ratio of keratin gives more flexibility to the handkerchief and makes it more flexible against collapse. The amount of calcium in the fingernails is higher than that of the fingernails, which makes the toenails harder and more reliable. The nail color is normally light pink. This pink color is proportional to the ratio of oxygen in the body. If the amount of oxygen is diminished and the amount of carbon dioxide is multiplied, the nails are observed to bounce. I hope you understand why the above diseases are so effective because the nail structure is that way.

You also better understand what nutrients and vitamins are needed for nail health. It is very beneficial to eat foods containing plenty of keratin and calcium for nail health. What are the vitamins that affect your nail health?

Vitamins Preserving Nail Structure

Vitamin C Vitamin
C is the most important vitamin that protects the nail structure. If the nail is suitable for breakage, it is absolutely necessary to take vitamin C in abundant quantities. Vitamin C, the body’s protective mechanism against external factors, is also very important for the flexibility and grip of your nails. You should absolutely eat foods containing plenty of vitamin C, such as a couple of oranges, mandarins, and grapefruits a day. Vitamin A Vitamin A is one of the most important factors in the rapid breakdown of your nails. A lack of vitamins can be obtained from foods such as honey platters, carrots, broccoli, watermelon, turnip, red and green peppers. The vitamins A and C provide a quick break of the missing fingernails. By eliminating this deficiency you can make your nails healthier.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E deficiency affects your nails as well as your skin. As you can get vitamin E directly from the food, if you take it directly in capsules and apply your nails directly, your nails will attract this vitamin and it will be much healthier. Apply a capsule of Vitamin E to your hands and pull it all over to your face and hands. You have done a very useful hand and face treatment. Omega 3 With Omega 3 vitamin support, it is possible to make your nails more resistant to the impact from external factors. Thanks to this vitamin that will strengthen your nail art, your nails will be healthier than the old ones.


Since the nail is already calcium content, feeding with calcium is very important for your nail health. It provides the fining of your calcium nail and prevents easy breakage. Calcium deficiency causes your nail structure to deteriorate and become thinner. So you have to eat plenty of calcium-containing foods. White spots in the nail are also caused by calcium deficiency. You can also get rid of this disease with the necessary calcium supplement.

Nutrients that protect the nail structure

Milk And Dairy Products
Especially yogurt is extremely important in terms of nail health. These nutrients, which contain plenty of calcium, stabilize your nails and prevent them from breaking. You will have bright and healthy nails especially since you will also get healthy nail brilliance. If you consume foods that contain too much calcium, such as cheese, white stains go on your fingernails . The white spots on the nail are caused by calcium deficiency and if you have white spots on your nails, you need to have a calcium-containing diet. Spinach High-iron foods such as spinach will strengthen your fingernails. Blood and iron deficiency is very important for nail health. Blood makers and iron-reinforced feeds are required.

Walnuts, Hazelnuts, Almonds

There is a lot of vitamin E in these foods. By eating these foods you can also get your nails quicker. Vitamin E is also a nutrient that accelerates nails and hair growth at the same time. Bee Pollen Bee pollen reinforcement is extremely important for the body and must be fortified with this food in the meantime. This nutrient protects the body from both diseases and also strengthens our body with high vitamin supplements. Nail It is very important in your health that you will strengthen your nail work with this food.

Nail Care

If you do not need your nails to provide the necessary care, you can cure a couple of nail care for you.

Lemon Cure Your lips are protected
with vitamin C supplements in the form of lemon. Every day absolutely tırnağınız lemon tighten and rub your nails with lemon juice. Of course you can not replace broken nails, but it strengthens your nails and prevents them from breaking. It is very useful in a serious sense and must be done absolutely.

Olive Oil

Soak your nails in olive oil and stand there. Olive with plenty of Vitamin E in its content will nourish your fingernails and prevent it from breaking. It is enough to keep your nails in olive oil for half an hour. You will see the difference when you make this cycle regularly for a month. This reinforcement, which you absolutely need to try, will strengthen your support fingernails. It also treats skin formations, also called demon fingernails, which form on the edges.

Put a piece of garlic in the Rinse and Garlic Rinse and let it stand for a couple of weeks. Before rubbing this polisher, rub your nail before you put on the nail polish and you can put on the ogenizer. With this process your fingernails will be more durable and resistant to breakage. The garlic put in the shiner will smell a bit bad but this smell will go with the nail polish put on it. This nail hardening technique is very useful, so you should definitely try it.

Take Vitamin E Support Vitamin E Cover and rub your nails with E vitamins and wait for half an hour like this. Vitamin E will attract your nails well and your nails will be much healthier.

In our article on tooth whitening methods , we gave tooth whitening cures with natural methods. Nail care and health as well as dental care are among the issues that every woman cares about. We hope that this article will also interest you.

Please try what we have written and share your experiences with us. We look forward to your comments. We are not only interested in this topic, but also we are waiting for your comments under all our scripts.

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