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Cigarette Smoking Image anxiety can make a Cigarette addict!

Expert Clinical Psychologist Gizmo Mine Columlu explained the harms of cigarette smoking and gave information about the Cigarette addict! and underlying causes.

Cigarette Smoking Image anxiety can make a Cigarette addict!

Non-addicts continue to continue their smoking habits with many pretexts when they know their harm. The use of age compared to developed countries are much lower in Turkey pointing to a significant threat.

More and more children and young people in the age of the child are often worried about the image, trying to prove that they can grow to smoke. However, it is also important that the harmful effects of the cigarette be announced to wider populations and psychological support for the subject in case of addiction.

Professor Clinical Psychologist Gizem Mine Çölümümlü from Memorial Sisli Hospital Psychology Department gave information about smoking dependence and underlying reasons before “February 9, World Sigmerian Dropout Day” .


The Cigarette addict!, which the World Health Organization referred to as “the world’s fastest-spreading and longest-running epidemic,” has become an important public health problem in our country. In recent years, smoking habits have been decreasing in developed countries, while consumption in developing countries is increasing every year. Cigarette addiction is defined as consistency of the smoking pattern, increasing amount of cigarette, increasing withdrawal symptoms and unsuccessful smoking cessation attempts.Cigarette Smoking Image anxiety can make a Cigarette addict!

STARTING AGE 10 LEVEL Cigarette smoking

Cigarettes are also called nicotine dependence because of nicotine, an addictive substance in it. In addition to the physical effects of nicotine related to smoking, psychological and behavioral aspects develop over time. The physical, mental and behavioral factors are in interaction with each other and when these factors are not sufficiently examined, the person can easily start to Cigarette addict again.

Social, economic and sociocultural factors may develop because of nicotine addiction and frequent in Turkey is estimated to be in the 10-11 age limit of starting smoking.

The reasons why children and adolescents start smoking are;

Low self-esteem, school problems
-acrylamide effect of
-Anne-father or grandparents of Cigarette smoking
to be -Özendiric
not concern included -A group
be seen as -A symbol of growth
-Image concern
-Don’t worthless detection

Besides these reasons, factors such as encouraging environment to drink, attention to surroundings and compliance are among the causes of Cigarette smoking in this age group. Smoking at an early age is the most important risk factor for smoking in adulthood, and it is stated that the rate of Cigarette smoking and dependence is low, which is far from being a smoking Cigarette addict.


Smoking leads to fewer problems on the economic, legal, or spiritual level compared to transportation convenience, price and other forms of dependence. In this case, it creates insensibility to the negative consequences of cigarette smoking and reduces the efforts to quit Cigarette smoking.

Apart from the ease of transportation, there are also reasons to stop Cigarette smoking, such as “I can lose weight, I can die for any reason, now it is too late, or I will quit in the future”.Cigarette Smoking Image anxiety can make a Cigarette addict!

Most of the caretakers start again

The success rate of Cigarette smoking cessation is related to the will and will of the person as it is in many substance dependence treatments. Informative and supportive help is crucial in ensuring the continuation of the abandonment process in this process, where behavioral, physiological and psychological deprivations are forced by the person.

According to the research done, 70% of smokers think about quitting every year and try to quit one third of them. However, 98% of those who try it on their own without recourse to any professional help are re-smoking within the next year.


The deprivation statements such as anger, restlessness, substance seeking behavior, tension, concentration difficulty that occurred during the cessation period are also directly related to the drinking time and amount of the person. Many addicts see the cigarette as a relief, stress coping, anger control tool as it is in other addictive patterns and reinforce this behavior. The ability to cope with awareness and difficult situations related to this behavior, which is matched with psychological support, can be gained with psychotherapy methods.

In addition, the underlying reasons for the use of cigarettes and tobacco, which are some sort of self-injurious behavior, should be examined and supportive psychotherapy negotiations are not planned for the needs of the individual.

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