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Ear tinnitus causes? What is the treatment? Tinnitus Symptoms

Ear tinnitus causes is one of the common problems. The Ear tinnitus that we interpret as “someone is me” is the tinnitus in the medical language. if the ear tinnitus seems unimportant, in rare cases it may be an observer of an underlying condition. What causes ringing ears?

Ear tinnitus causes? What is the treatment? Permanent damage Tinnitus Symptoms

Ear tinnitus is a common problem

in our everyday lives that we often encounter. It can be defined as a ringing of the ear, which is interpreted as “someone is mine and me”, or a pitched or thick voice coming from the inner ear. The underlying tinnitus in some cases even seen as a serious disease trivial news may cia. This condition should be followed by the continuity and continuity of the tinnitus and necessary precautions should be taken. What causes ringing ears ? How is the treatment of tinnitus?

Ear tinnitus causes? What is the treatment? Permanent damage Tinnitus Symptoms


This disturbance, called “ear tinnitus” in the medical mosque known as the tinnitus of the ear, is defined as a sound of whining, whining, buzzing, tinnitus, a voice changing in intensity from person to person and heard in the ear or sometimes in the head. Ear tinnitus is divided into “objective tinnitus” and “subjective tinnitus”. Tinnitus, or tinnitus, is a symptom of being a disease alone. Often, treatment will be possible with the treatment of this disease.


Objective tinnitus; only the sick person but also others hear these voices. Objective tinnitus can be caused by hardening of the vessel wall in the ear or narrowing of the veins. The anomalies in the veins can be caused by old age or smoking. In these situations, treatment is required for treatment. In addition, muscle contractions of our muscles may also be caused by ear tinnitus. These contractions are heard in the form of rattles and can be reduced without the need for a treatment. If it does not decrease muscle spasms can be treated using muscle relaxants.

Ear tinnitus causes? What is the treatment? Permanent damage Tinnitus Symptoms


Subjective tinnitus; the voice is only perceived by the patient. In the case of subjective tinnitus, the condition may be due to ear nose and throat diseases. We can add discomfort to joints in the jaw and ear. Causes may be ambiguous or they may be symptoms of many diseases. The disease is more difficult to diagnose because more than one test may be needed. The harder the diagnosis, the longer the treatment will take.


There are many possible reasons for ear tinnitus. These are often simple and benign causes as well as more serious problems. Common causes are as follows;

* Damage to the situated hearing nerve endings in the inner ear
* Ear wax
* problems on the eardrums
* Ear infections
* Allergic rhinitis
* Ear of the trauma
* Accumulation of fluid in the middle ear
* the bones in the middle ear joints of my hardening
* contraction of muscles in the middle ear,
* Eustachian (acoustic neurinomas) that provide balance and hearing * Allergy * Low or high blood pressure * Difficulties in the head and neck region (due to pregnancy or weight loss)
* Arterial anomalies in the middle ear
* Vascular dilatation in the head and neck region *

* Neck calcification
* Side effects of some drugs (rheumatoid drugs, antibiotics, aspirin, etc ..)
* Diabetes
* Thyroid diseases
* Damage to the hearing nerves resulting from aging
* Loud voice
* Brain tumor

Ear tinnitus causes? What is the treatment? Permanent damage Tinnitus Symptoms


* People exposed to high sese and noise. Factory and construction workers, musicians and soldiers are examples of this.
* Age-advanced people. You will likely begin to experience hearing problems often associated with tinnitus.
* Gender. Men’s ear ringing problem is more likely to survive.
* Cigaret. Smoking is more risky.
* Cardiovascular problems. People with high blood pressure or narrowed arteries (atherosclerosis) problems that affect blood flow conditions are more prone to experiencing ear tinnitus.


Long-lasting tinnitus greatly reduces the quality of life of a person. This high-pitched voice, which occurs in the head and maintains its continuity, causes the person to face the following problems;

* Fatigue
* Stress
* Sleeping problems
* Concentration problems
* Memory problems
* Depression
* Anxiety and irritability

Ear tinnitus causes? What is the treatment? Permanent damage Tinnitus Symptoms



There is no special treatment in the majority of cases of ear tinnitus. Therapy can be achieved by eliminating the cause of the tinnitus. Some x-ray films and equilibrium tests may be needed. Despite all the tests, however, the reason for the tinnitus can not be found.

There are some medications that are used to treat tinnitus. These drugs, while providing relief, may not be fully adequate for treatment.

In some cases, a method called tinnitus masking can be used. Tinnitus is becoming more disturbing, especially when the environment is quiet, at night when lying down. A sound that will compete with the tinnitus (such as clock clicks, radio) can help reduce the inconvenience. Some doctors suggest that you listen to FM channels in a low voice

Ear tinnitus causes? What is the treatment? Permanent damage Tinnitus Symptoms


Every tinnitus is a condition that should be consulted to the doctor, it is useful to investigate the underlying cause. In the following cases, you should see a doctor immediately.

* Ear Tinnitus in the face or on one side of the body with signs such as impaired coordination or weakness.
* Tinnitus with signs of meaningful hearing loss, dizziness, loss of balance, nausea or vomiting.
* Tinnitus or hearing loss that occurs or becomes worse after a trauma.
* High-pitched ears tinnitus or hearing loss after exposure.
Exacerbation or frequency of the present tinnitus.


There are some suggestions that you should or should not do to help reduce the tinnitus.

* Stay away from exposure to loud music.
Keep your blood pressure under control.
* Restrict salt intake (excess salt will disrupt your circulatory system).
* Stay away from salty foods and do not add salt to your food.
* Take care to avoid coffee, cola and cigarettes, which are stimulants to the nervous system.
* Keep your blood circulation balanced with regular daily exercises.
* Rest well enough and avoid being too tired.
* Do not worry sesten. Your tinnitus does not cause you to be deaf and lose your mind. Accept these voices as a disturbing but insignificant fact, and learn to ignore them as much as possible. This kind of control can be achieved either by self-stimulation or by masking.
* Try to stay away from stress, nervousness and tension.

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