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Eye Problems in Children Do Not ignore Common Eye Infections

Seeing for a newborn baby or a child going to the school is the key to healthy development and even the smallest problems should not be ignored Specially Eye Problems in Children.

Eye Problems in Children

Seeing for a child who opens his eyes to the world or a child who goes to the school is one of the most important keys to healthy development. A good vision closely influences children’s physical development, general health and school success. If problems are detected early by eye control, they can be treated effectively.

Dr. Memorial Hospital of Ankara, Department of Ophthalmology Bekir Sıtkı Aslan gave information about the prevalence and control periods of eye health in children.

Be careful about Eye Problems in Children

Most parents do not care about the possible consequences of uncorrected visualization. If some eye disorders can be caught early, the lives of children can really change. If a child is not visually impaired, the performance at school, his or her behavior, his future goals, and his job as an adult will be adversely affected. This is why it is essential to control the levels of vision in pre-baby, preschool and school years following the birth of children. Screening can be done by a pediatrician, family physician or other trained health personnel. Eye Problems in Children

Eye health should be followed from birth

An ophthalmologist, pediatrician, family practitioner or an educated health staff should examine the eyes of a newborn baby and perform a red reflex test. The ophthalmologist should perform a comprehensive eye examination if he or she is at high risk for premature birth or other medical problems, if the abnormality is indicated, or if the child has had severe visual impairment during childhood. A second screening for eye health should be done by an eye doctor, pediatrician, family physician around the age of 1. Eye Problems in Children

Visual acuity tested before 4 years

Visual acuity should be tested when the child reaches the level of co-operation on the eye examination. Most children are hypertrophy. He can not see far and near. In most children this does not require vision correction. If strabismus, eyelashes, myopia, hypertrophy, astigmatism or other astigmatism develops in the first scan, the child should be examined thoroughly. It is necessary to start treatment as soon as possible to ensure a satisfactory vision correction and lifetime benefit without seeing it. Eye Problems in Children

Eyeglass and contact lens wearers should check once a year

Children who use eye-glasses or contact lenses in school-age children should be biannually at least once a year and without Eye Problems in Children. An ophthalmologist’s examination is required when the child has an inadequacy in school achievement, a suspicion of sight loss, or an eye sighting. If a young child’s eyes can not send clear images to the brain, the vision may be limited in ways that can not be corrected later.

In which cases a doctor should be consulted;

1. If it fails in a vision scan, Eye Problems in Children

2. If the vision scan has not been done,

3. If a pediatrician is directed to ophthalmologist,

4. If there is a sight complaint or abnormal vision behavior is observed,

5. If children with medical problems (Down syndrome, premature, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, neurofibromatosis) or family history of amblyopia, strabismus, retinoblastoma, congenital cataract or congenital glaucoma,

6. If the child has a learning disability, developmental delay, neuropsychological condition or behavioral problems, consult a doctor.

What is the difference between visual inspection and eye examination?

Contrary to vision screening, a comprehensive eye examination provides diagnostic of visual problems. Eye drops need to be used to magnify and examine the eye baby, thus providing a more comprehensive investigation of the general health of the eye and the visual system.

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