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Natural Teeth Whitening Methods 7 Simple Ways

Natural Teeth Whitening Methods

Teeth Whitening Paths

Tooth whiteness is very important for every woman. Beautiful and white teeth add beauty to man’s beauty. The teeth that illuminate the face of a person, the cleansing of a woman, and the manifestation of her self. We drink a lot of coffee and tea and this makes our teeth yellow. Even if we brush our teeth whitening regularly, our teeth may not be white. Either we need to clean our teeth with regular tooth whitening techniques by going to our dentist, and we should apply some tooth whitening methods at home. These bleaching methods are also very effective and reliable.

Home Teeth Whitening Methods

It is quite possible to bleach teeth by taking a few minutes at home. You will see that the color of your teeth has changed with very simple applications that we will do during the day.


We all know that Carbonate whitens teeth. Carbonate antibacterial properties whiten the teeth whitening while killing microbes in the mouth. It is also very useful for your gums. There are many kinds of putty you will make with carbonates. It is possible to whiten our teeth whitening very nicely with the materials we put in these molds, which are the main material of carbonates.

Mint Oil

1 teaspoon carbonate
1 teaspoon salt
5 drops of mint oil, brush your teeth with this mixture will whiten your teeth whitening . This mixture does not stop the teeth whitening , but also the antibacterial properties of the mint oil to cure all the disorders in your mouth and throat infections.

Brush your teeth with your thyme using thyme like Carbonate and cow in mint oil. After you brush your teeth, wear it out with gargle. This mixture is also perfect for gum disturbances. Thyme is an antibiotic and is all-purpose for all gum disturbances. This mixture, which is not only whitening, is also beneficial to all tooth and gum disorders.

Sage Oil

The other name of oil of sage oil is apple oil yada apple oil. This oil antibiotic has antibacterial properties used for tooth whitening since ancient times. You can brush your teeth by mixing this oil with carbonated salt and mixing it with salt. Do not rub this toothache on your own. This oil is a very sharp oil and can damage your skin. Therefore, it must be diluted and used absolutely. This tooth which is very successful in teeth whitening is definitely a testimony to you.

Cinnamon Cinnamon, a

natural antibacterial, is used in tooth cleaning.
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon lemon juice
Brushing your teeth with this mixture does not just whiten your teeth, but all your gum problems are also beneficial. Brush your knees with this mixture. It would be better if you brush this with another brush. You can further increase the effect of this mixture by dripping sage oil into it.


Glycerin is a good tooth whitener besides its germicidal properties. To your teeth whitening , brush your teeth with a few drops. In addition, you can do at least 3 times a week to prevent tooth decay.

Clove Oil You know that

Clove oil is also used in dentists’ whiteners. Carnation oil is a very powerful pain reliever that also passes on toothache. In addition, antibacterial clove oil is a very good tooth whitener. If you do not want your toothbrush drop a few drops, brush your teeth by mixing it with carbonated if you want to. If you do this brushing a few times a week, you will see the difference immediately.


Lemon is a very successful fruit whitening tooth. Gums give shine and beauty. You should absolutely use lemon juice in lemon juice. If you apply lemon oil with carbonated water, you will see the difference in your teeth.


Circle A very powerful anti-bacterial apple circlet is also used in tooth whitening. Brushing with a tea spoon of carbonat and a tea spoon of apple sauce in salt will help to teeth whitening.
Note: When cleaning your teeth, just clean your teeth by rubbing them. Be careful not to irritate your gums.
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