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Vitamin D Deficiency Beware the Plaza staff!

Professor Dr. derhand Dirac said that the movement and Vitamin D Deficiency directly affected bone health and muscle strength and that there was a part that could not relax enough due to inactivity with the busy work life and could not distribute the stress load.

Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D Deficiency Effect and Rehabilitation

Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Professor. Dr. derhand Dirac said that workers in plazas and in closed-office environments were immobile, triggering musculature pain when immobile. Vitamin D Deficiency

Working still in plazas and indoor office environments, seeing the sun in and out of work during dark hours increases the incidence of musculature pain and lack of vitamin-D. Professor Dr. DEMIRHAN Dıraçoğl, made some studies, widespread muscular-skeletal system that causes fibrillation pain patients with vitamin-D levels of the health rather indicates low compared with that with people. Vitamin D Deficiency

Outside re-infusion of the missing vitamins

in these patients caused the decrease in complaints that caused Prof. Dr. Draco of“All these findings suggest that common musculature pain may be associated with deficiency of vitamin-D, As is known, the best known effect of vitamin-D is on bones. Vitamin-D affects muscle strength, and therefore the risk of falling, outside of it. It is imperative that the employees of the office first pay attention to the ergonomic rules. The sitting position, neck, shoulder and arm position on the computer are very important. It should not stay in the same position for more than 30 minutes. Often the foot should be raised and a small round in the office should be done. Tiny exercise programs consisting of simple movements that can be done in the office can be very helpful. The desk, chair and computer equipment used in the office must be ergonomic, “he said. Vitamin D Deficiency


Office workers should be sunbathing for 15-20 minutes at noon when the sun’s rays rise. Dr. Diracoglu said, “One of the most important problems of our age is the inadequacies in struggle with stress and stress. The gradual decrease in the time people spend with their busy work life has led to the formation of a group of people who can not relax enough and can not distribute the stress burden.  Vitamin D Deficiency

Studies show that vitamin D deficiency negatively affects mental performance and causes daily stress. Vitamin-D can be supplemented if adequate vitamin-D is not available through feeding and sunbathing. In particular, 1000 IU vitamin-D3 supplementation per day for adults can reduce these complaints over time. These vitamins can be found in different forms, but for example spray form can be a more practical option for daily work temposu by dose adjustment and simple use. If you feel the lack of vitamin-D, you can definitely get these supplements in the appropriate doses, consulting your doctor. For example, if the vitamin-D is below the expected value, the dose of the treatment is used more intensively daily before dosing, and then routine reinforcement is continued. ” said.

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