Saturday , December 30 2017

It needs to be consumed to get rid of the depression!

Istanbul University Oncology Institute of Radiation Oncology Department Lecturer  Dr. Yavuz Dizdar , winter months, the aroma of teak fruits and vegetables s summer months to see what it would be less than the sun also caused the loss of influence of depression during the winter especially, saying that increased in proposed aromatic and pungent fruit and vegetables to be consumed to prevent depression. AROMASI …

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What are the effects of sea and sun in child health?

Summer vacation is the first sea holiday that comes to mind. The indispensable elements of sea holiday are sea-pool, sand, and sun. Marine pollution and harmful rays of the sun can sometimes cause some diseases in children. However, benefits cannot be denied. Medical Park Göztepe Hospital Complex Child Health and Disease Specialist Dr. Ipek …

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