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10 prescription has at least three antibiotics – infection

'10 prescription has at least three antibiotics' infection

Clinical Microbiology and infection Infectious Diseases Association (KLIMİK) Board Member Dr. Önder Ergönül stated that at least three of the 10 prescriptions are antibiotics and that “the resistance rates are quite high as a result of this intensive consumption.” said.

KLIMİK and the European Association of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID) have started a two-day course in Istanbul to reduce antimicrobial resistance.

In the event, Professor in the description of antibiotic resistance. Dr. Önder Ergönül stated that antibiotics are the drugs used to cure the diseases caused by the bacteria, “Turkey is the country with the highest per capita antibiotic consumption among the OECD countries.” she said.

10 prescription has at least three antibiotics infection

Professor Dr. “It is known that at least three antibiotics are present in at least three of the prescribers, and as a consequence of this intensive consumption, our resistance rates are very high, for example about one third of patients with urinary tract infection do not give oral antibiotics in the form of tablets, similar to skin infections. ” He emphasized that the situation is even more important for infections in hospitalized patients.

Noting that they encounter infections that develop with all available antibiotic resistant bacteria, Önder noted that:

10 prescription has at least three antibiotics infection

“It is possible to encounter similar situations in many countries of the world, especially in developing countries.The trend in the world is to reduce the consumption of antibiotics by making the use of antibiotics as convenient as possible because the resistance is directly related to the consumption of antibiotics.The non-prescription of antibiotics is very important and necessary to reduce the unnecessary use of antibiotics. Not only in terms of resistance development but also in terms of reducing the side effects of drugs and unnecessary costs etc. The results of the reduction of resistance will be seen in the mid-term, even if not in the short run.

Professor Dr. Özlem Kurt Azap said that with antibiotics being used, the epidemic was opened on the treatment of infections, but with the rapid increase in resistance, he was again faced with difficulties.

10 prescription has at least three antibiotics infection

For some of our patients

“in the hospital and in the intensive care units, we are trying to treat without the antibiotic option, just as it was before the 1940’s, because there are no antibiotics to give to patients with polyclinic infection, which can be counted as simple infections. Unfortunately, the number of newly developed antibiotics is very low, and these antibiotics are developing resistance very quickly, so if we do not use antibiotics correctly, the development of new antibiotics will not be a solution and we will return to antibiotic therapy. ” used expressions.

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