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What are the benefits of regular water consumption? How many glasses of water do we drink a day? enough water

If the water constituting the body & 55-75% of the body is not consumed in sufficient quantity, body fatigue can cause the mental function to decline and even decrease in the blood storage. The biggest problems caused by the inability to reach the water consumption that the body needs are seen in the kidneys. The absence of the water necessary for the kidneys to work regularly causes stone and sand formation. Why do we call life a source of life? How do we know if the water is drinking enough? Here are the miraculous benefits of enough water …

Benefits that will not end with water

* Prevents mouth odor.

* Hair problems; broken, dandruff, prevent shedding, sauce adds health.

* Prevents muscle contractions and cramps which are frequent in those who have heavy muscle and regular exercise.

* Adequate water consumption; forgetfulness, attention problems, etc. that develop due to dehydration. arrange brain functions.

* Brain tissue with 85% water; If the body does not have enough water, it sends the person to stress and tension. As a result, water is also stressed out.

* During pregnancy; It is important for the development of the baby who lives in a water lump on the mother’s womb.

* The most important source of lactating mothers’ milk makers is suddenly unknown.


water consumption

* Constipation, such as intestinal laziness under digestive problems to consume enough water to sleep.

* Reflux is good, helps to pass completely.

* Water consumption is important to build resistance to infectious diseases such as flu.

* By increasing the blood volume, the oxygen and nutrients needed for the cells are delivered quickly and the heart is made healthier.

* One of the additives that the heart makes is to greatly reduce the risk of heart attack. Not consuming enough water can lead to serious problems such as thickening of the blood and clotting and tension imbalances, palpitations, dysrhythmias and heart failure.

* The kidneys from the defense mechanisms of the body can not filter foreign and harmful substances if there is not enough water. As a result, the biggest problem in the kidneys is kidney stones, urinary tract infections.

* Midee contributes to the daily energy consumption by running less metabolism and eating less due to the volume it creates.

* There is a significant effect on skin health. It deeply moisturizes and contributes to a youthful appearance. The skin of the person drinking enough water; shine, soft, moist, healthy and youthful look.

* Balances the body’s heat and helps to dispose of terrible discomfort.

“Do not expect tongue, palate to dry out of a thirst for water, pay attention to water consumption at regular intervals and discipline!”

water consumption

How do we know that we consume enough water?

The amount of water consumption can vary with factors such as weather conditions, age, and sex. Adequate water consumption woman in   2.7 liters (8-9 cups), while the vicinity, near 3,7lt in men. In the majority of people who do not drink enough water; fatigue, headache, mental weakness, etc. function stops come into play. For this reason, the most important point in water consumption

It is possible with some observations that some will do it in itself, which means that the person is getting enough water. The urine of the person who drinks enough water is light yellow or pale yellow. Another thing that matters is how many times a day you are in trouble. Under normal circumstances, an adult individual should have 6 to 7 times of urination per day.

These people should consume much more water

– In hot weather, they lose water with excessive sweating,

– Regularly engaged in sports and heavy activities,

– increased liquidity; nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea,

– Those who are mostly fed with fiber foods,

– Those who are fed on a high protein diet should pay more attention to water consumption and drink more water than normal consumption.

“For food and water between meals!”

enough water more water kidneys

Do other liquids hold the water?

Tea, coffee, fruit juice etc. consumed in plenty during the day. reducing the consumption of liquid water; it causes the person to think that he has received enough fluid. However, the consumption of water is an important factor in the consumption of liquids. This is due to the diuretic effect found in some of the beverages, which causes the body to take up too much liquid from the fluid intake. In this way, while doing liquid fortification on the one hand; on the one hand, we also cause liquid loss. If consuming acidic drinks, it bothers the stomach and causes more water to a waste in the body trying to reduce the effect of acid.

I think it’s hard to drink enough water …

Some people avoid drinking water unless they are too thirsty. Consuming too much water causes some nausea. The method that can be suggested for this is to add the fruit juices such as fruit slices, carrots, and celery into the water. 

How should water consumption be in children?

Water consumption varies according to the age of the child, sex, height, height, and level of activity. Water consumption by children’s age should be as follows;

• Between 6 and 12 months: 30 to 100 ml
• Within 1-3 years: 1-3 liters
• Between 4-8 years: 1-4 Between
• 9-13 years: 1-2 liters


enough water more water kidneysIs there any drawback to drinking too much water? Can everyone drink plenty of water?

As with anything else, the advice of doctors should be followed if there is a disease state that needs to be taken care of and conscious of water consumption. Excess water over the indicated amount can cause the kidneys to overfill with water.

Also, water consumption is limited  (edema in the legs and acid in the stomach); heart failure, kidney failure, cirrhosis, and chronic liver disease, you need to observe what your doctor recommends

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