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Breastfeeding mothers pay attention Absolutely Feeding Nutrients of Breathing Communities

Breastmilk is the basic nutrient, especially for the first 6 months. Breast milk begins to form when the birth is approach and increases in direct proportion to the baby’s sucking. In this extraordinary process, there are elements that need attention for the breastfeeding mothers.

What should the breastfeeding mother pay attention to?


Since the content of the mother’s milk is directly related to the nutrients consumed by the mother, the care and selectivity shown during pregnancy should also be shown during the breastfeeding period.

Solid diets to be made during breastfeeding should not be performed at this time, as they will directly affect the content of the cigarette and significantly reduce the quality of the cigarette.

Like solid diets designed to weaken, one of the misapplications for boosting the culinary diet is eating too much food. A well-known daily food program in which sugar and simple carbohydrates are all sources of empty energy should be prepared with this consciousness.

Contrary to popular belief, it does not mean that the baby is constantly in the mamma, is not inadequate or unsatisfying. It should not forget how much the milk production of the baby will increase so much.

What should the breastfeeding mothers eat? What should he eat?


• The mother must be fed regularly and balanced in order to maintain her quality of milk and her own health. A few tips for the balanced feeding of breastfeeding mothers are as follows:
• It is recommended that the mother consume at least twice a week the mother who sucks both her mother’s folic acid and omega intake as well as the healthy development of the baby. In addition, fish and mites such as tuna fish containing heavy metal or mercury must never be consumed due to the possibility of passing through.
• At least one egg consuming every day meets the amount of protein needed in a serious way. Instead of processed meat products such as salami and sausage, unprocessed meat and protein-rich meat products should be preferred over animal fat.

• During pregnancy and during breastfeeding

the iron needs of the mother’s body are increasing. In order to meet this need; red meat, eggs, legumes and dried fruits are often preferred.


• While herbal teas such as linden

daisy, fennel are often preferred by their mothers, it is useful to consult nutritionists on other herbal teas that are not sure of side effects.
• Especially for colic baby mothers, it is necessary to consume controlled foods such as dried legumes, cabbage, radish, cauliflower, broccoli, cold unsweetened milk, and yogurt, which can make gas to reduce gas blindness. Using cumin in your mother’s meals can reduce your baby’s gas problem.
• Iodine is not always taken to meet the needs of the body with natural nutrition. For this reason, it is recommended that suckling mothers prefer iodized salt in their meals.
• Mothers who absolutely need to eat sweet can choose fruit or sweetened grape molasses instead of sugar or processed foods.


• Sufficient level

of milk production is the most important condition to take in enough liquid. The mother should drink at least 8-12 glasses of water a day. Because of the vitamin C, it contains, freshly squeezes fruit juices or calcium supplements and milk can also be preferred.
• It has been observing that the use of garlic, onions, and spices can change the taste of the mother. 1 Some babies may refuse to suck or consume gas after consuming such foods, but in some cases, no adverse effects may be observed.

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