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How can I tell if vitamin D deficiency is present? Beware of vitamin D deficiency!

Vitamin D is a vitamin that the body needs but it can be supplied from the outside. D vitamins deficiency is largely due to sunlight (about 95%), as provided by food. Vitamin D deficiency can cause vital situations. It is responsible for regulating the heart and muscle system in the body. So how do we make Vitamin D supplementation that is lacking in many people? D leads to lack of vitamins? How is the indication of vitamin D deficiency understood?

What is vitamin D?                  

D vitamins are responsible for enhancing calcium absorption in the gut, bone mineralization, calcium-phosphorus balance, muscle nervous system functions, muscle strength and heart rate.

According to recent researches, vitamin D has a characteristic of preventing heart diseases by its effect on the heart pumping power and the heart pumping power. D deficiency of vitamin D; cardiovascular diseases brought on by high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes is very effective on diseases such as diseases. Thus, those with deficiency of vitamin D are 2 times more likely to get these diseases.

D vitamins are also largely effective on infectious diseases. In case of deficiency, regulation of influenza, infection struggle, multiple sclerosis, intestinal inflammation, cancer and pancreatic insulin release regulate thyroid activities and provide blood clotting etc. both in regulatory and protective situations.

Vitamin D plays a very important role in bone health,

which leads to calcium absorption. Immediate detection and treatment of vitamin D deficiency are essential for the health and strength of the bones. It prevents bone erymis (osteoporosis) by allowing the adjacent calcium and phosphorus to stay within normal limits. Strengthens bones and teeth. That’s why D Vitamin needs in children.

In the absence of vitamin D, which gives strength to the muscles, there is constant fatigue and pain. In this case, it is necessary to start vitamins D vitamin and start the reinforcement.

Vitamin D deficiency is more common in women!

According to Prof. Filiz Gündüzer Müftüoğulları’s statement,  “Vitamin D deficiency is more common in women due to the birth and breastfeeding periods and manifests itself with postpartum aches. In 30% of people up to 30 years old, vitamin D deficiency is present. Vitamin D deficiency detects in fat because it is a fat-soluble vitamin in vitamin D and fat accumulates in the body and can not use the body.

D causes vitamin deficiency?

The most important cause of vitamin D deficiency is that the body does not sufficiently contact the UVB rays from the sun. The body can not take vitamin D from the sun in any other way and with food. This is why vitamin D content in foods containing vitamin D is low and not sufficient.

Sometimes it can also be a bodily problem with the absorption of sunlight. Some drugs, especially the advanced age in which the capacity of the body to produce vitamin D through the sun’s rays decreases, digestive disorders that prevent ingestion of oil taken with foods, dark color, cholesterol, epilepsy medications, etc., prevent the body from taking vitamins even when it is in contact with the sun.

Aging or kidney disorders increase the risk of vitamin D deficiency. We can not absorb enough vitamin D from our intestines. Celiac disease, cystic fibrosis, and Crohn’s disease also affect the absorption of vitamin D.

Weight also increases the deficiency of vitamin D. That is, the fat cells take circulating vitamin D from the circulation so that the body mass index is 30 and the vitamin D deficiency is high in those over.

Another cause of vitamin D deficiency is a vegetarian diet. Vitamin D is the most abundant nutrients; The consumption of animal products such as fish, liver, eggs is triggering more by this.

vitamin D deficiency

What are the indications of vitamin D deficiency?

These symptoms, which have been spreading for a long period of time, may come as usual. However, it is necessary to be aware of the fact that life affects negatively and to have the examination done. Some of these statements are as follows;


– Bone pain (whole body)

-Women’s weakness

– More sweating

– Cramps in the womb


Pain in the knee joints

– Problem of picking


-Basata pain

– Colds


– Diarrhea

-Math problems

The ear can be funny, but lack of vitamin D leads to depression. The unhappy and sad feelings of absence are the main manifestations of lack of vitamin D. That is, the hormone of serotonin, which is produced in the brain and used to regulate the mood, falls due to the lack of vitamin D.

One of the most important symptoms of vitamin D is bone pain. Especially in the winter months when we are deprived of sunlight, these aches increase. In the case of fatigue and disregarding these paints that are common throughout the body, adults may experience bone softening, called “osteomalacia”, and “rickets” in children.

How is vitamin D deficiency measured?

For the measurement of vitamin D deficiency, it is necessary to consult the doctor with the above-mention conditions being felt. In the blood test to perform, the level of vitamin D (25 (OH) vitamin D3) can measure.

How is vitamin D supplementation and treatment done?

D vitamins are taken with D3 vitamin supplement prescribed by doctors. Vitamin D3 is absorbed by the body when it is consumed with the food, and it increases by the body. Doctors are also guided by the vitamin D serum, drops and so on are consumed.

The amount of vitamin D that needs to be taken daily varies with age. As the age progresses, it is necessary to pay attention to the tests in accordance with the need.

vitamin D deficiency

Especially those who need Vitamin D reinforcement and need frequent controls;

– People over 50 years old,

– Those who complain of continuous bone and muscle pain,

– Those who do not see the sun (such as office workers)

– Patients whose fat is not absorbed from the intestines,

– Those with liver disease,

– Those who have gastric surgery,

– Patients with osteoporosis (those with bone erosion)

Can vitamin D be taken from foods?

There are some foods that contain vitamin D, the greatest source of sunlight, but no matter how much daily consumption consume, it can not reach the size to be deficient. Only 10-15 minutes of contact with the sun will be enough, but the continuous consumption of these foods will allow them to meet the lack of vitamin D.

The best time to go out to the sun and to get a lack of vitamin D is at noon, between 10.00 and 15.00. However, these hours are also the riskiest hours for skin cancer. For this reason, sunbathing down the knees and elbows is enough without sunscreen cream for 10-15 minutes every day

Milk, eggs, butter, liver, mushrooms, cocoa and cereal flakes supplemented with salmon, sardines, tuna, fish oil and vitamin D are sources of some vitamin D sources.

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