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It needs to be consumed to get rid of the depression!

Istanbul University Oncology Institute of Radiation Oncology Department Lecturer  Dr. Yavuz Dizdar , winter months, the aroma of teak fruits and vegetables s summer months to see what it would be less than the sun also caused the loss of influence of depression during the winter especially, saying that increased in proposed aromatic and pungent fruit and vegetables to be consumed to prevent depression. AROMASI …

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To protect the weight of the winter months


The desire to stay at home instead of going out in cold weather winter months can cause the nights to lengthen and the day to shorten and the negative thinkers to lose weight inadvertently. Dietitian Emre Uzun’s digestive system strengthens the recipe and you can enter the winter months happier and healthier. …

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10 prescription has at least three antibiotics – infection


Clinical Microbiology and infection Infectious Diseases Association (KLIMİK) Board Member Dr. Önder Ergönül stated that at least three of the 10 prescriptions are antibiotics and that “the resistance rates are quite high as a result of this intensive consumption.” said. KLIMİK and the European Association of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID) have started a two-day course in Istanbul to reduce …

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