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Are you donating car to charity, or to for-profit middleman?

You see the pitches all around: Donate your auto to philanthropy! Help a decent aim, and get an extraordinary tax benefit in the meantime! It’s a win-win for everybody!

Some of the time, notwithstanding, the agent wins the most.

Vehicle gifts created $23 million in California a year ago, yet foundations got not as much as half of that — 47.2 percent ($11 million), as indicated by information from the lawyer general.

In Orange County, it was far more awful.

A sum of $2.9 million was brought through vehicle gifts up in 2010, yet just $400,336 of it — a modest 13.8 percent — really went to neighborhood foundations.

That is to a great extent since one philanthropy — Breast Cancer Solutions in Costa Mesa — raised the mind larger part ($2.64 million), and got just a small amount of the returns ($264,045).

Other nearby philanthropies, while working on a littler scale, improved:

The Orange County Rescue Mission in Tustin got 68.4 percent of what was raised through vehicle gifts.

The Laguna Beach Community Clinic and Catholic Charities of Orange County in Santa Ana each got 67.5 percent.

The Orange County Council, Boy Scouts of America in Santa Ana got 62.1 percent.

The Boys and Girls Club of the South Coast in San Clemente got 61.1 percent.

The American Red Cross of Orange County in Santa Ana got 59.9 percent.

The KOCE TV Foundation in Santa Ana got 58.2 percent.

(See dollar points of interest on the 32 neighborhood foundations that had vehicle gift programs in the diagrams at the very end of this story.)

The key contrast between getting 68 percent, and getting 10 percent, is in the agreement every philanthropy marked with the outside organization that handled its vehicle gifts.

Anna Bell, official executive of Breast Cancer Solutions, disclosed to us this by email:

“BCS marked an agreement with MRE (Michael Reese Enterprises of Costa Mesa) quite a long while prior and was given MRE’s standard contract, which is a normal return rate of 10%. This rate did not changed amid the length our BCS’ and MRE’s affiliation. MRE’s specialty in the auto gift showcase is preparing an extensive volume of low esteem vehicles, which have a lower net esteem and related return rate.

“BCS never again contracts with MRE for gathering pledges administrations,” she composed.

Bosom Cancer Solutions “furnishes bosom tumor patients with coordinate help, group referrals and empathetic help,” as indicated by its site.

Utilized auto and truck gifts has turned into an enormous business, as per philanthropic guard dog Charity Navigator. Somewhere in the range of 750,000 individuals took a vehicle gift reasoning on their government expense forms in 2000, bringing down their duties by more than $650 million. (The IRS is attempting to get us a refreshed figure.)

CN’s tips on the best way to ensure the philanthropy gets the a large portion of your gift are here. Here’s the inside scoop:

Discover a philanthropy that straightforwardly acknowledges auto gifts. Stay away from the revenue driven center man, and discover a philanthropy that handles the exchange itself. It’s conceivable that the foundations you as of now bolster have an auto gift program that you don’t think about, CN says: Check with them first.

In the event that it runs, drive it to the philanthropy yourself. Something else, the philanthropy should pay somebody to lift it up or tow it, cutting into the estimation of your gift.

On the off chance that you should donate to an office with a go between, solicit what rate from your gift will get to the philanthropy. As we said some time recently, that sum is consulted between the philanthropies and the handlers. “The philanthropies are hesitant to censure the go betweens, in light of the fact that they would prefer not to lose the dollars they do get, yet state lawyer officers are starting to research and even arraign these for-benefit go betweens, for holding themselves out as foundations and deluding the general population on the sum that is really achieving altruistic causes,” CN says.

Exchange the auto accurately to the philanthropy. “A few foundations will solicit you to leave the task from possession space on the philanthropy gift papers clear, so they don’t need to re-title the auto,” CN says. “In the event that your philanthropy solicits this from you, discover another philanthropy. On the off chance that you don’t formally sign your auto over to the assigned not-for-profit, you will be considered in charge of any stopping tickets that are thusly brought about, or obligated if it’s utilized as a part of a wrongdoing. Keep in mind, the philanthropy you give the auto to will presumably not utilize your auto to convey dinners to the penniless, however will essentially offer it as fast as could be allowed. When somebody gets it from them at sell off and doesn’t try to enlist that auto, it’s as yet yours according to the law.”

Make certain you get receipts, and report the exchange well: The IRS watches vehicle gifts like a sell. You can discover the IRS’s manual for giving vehicles here.

The aggregate income brought from vehicle gifts up in California diminished by about $9.9 million from 2009, while the percent to philanthropy diminished by roughly 11 percent, as indicated by the lawyer general.

Here are the dollar points of interest on the 32 philanthropies that had vehicle gift programs in Orange

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