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[Important] 7 Symptoms of Iron Deficiency anemia in Infants

deficiency anemiaIron is a very important element for health. and Iron plays a role in transporting oxygen to tissues and is found in the structure of many enzymes in the body. Iron is also a building stone of the material called hemoglobin, which gives blood redness. deficiency of Iron  affects infants between 6 and 24 months of age, although they may be seen at any age and in both cinste. If there is not too much iron deficiency in the anemia, babies are born with their iron deposits. For this reason, except for premature babies, timely and breastfeeding babies, iron deficiency anemia and related anemia do not develop. Early-born babies need iron reinforcement from the 2nd month of age because they are not born with enough iron deposits.

Reasons for iron deficiency in infants

deficiency anemia

There are as many iron deposits as the babies born in time. If the baby is fed with mother’s milk, the iron stores will not drain because the iron absorption will be good. Infants fed cow milk unfortunately have poor iron absorption and iron loss from the intestines. For this reason, iron anemia deficiency is more common in infants fed cow milk in the early period. Breastmilk meets all the needs of the baby for the first 6 months and after 6 months absolutely additional nutrients must be started. Iron deficiency develops in infants who do not consume rich foods such as red meat, fish, molasses, pulses. Chronic blood loss diseases, chronic diarrhea and parasitic diseases and excessive use of zinc are among other causes of iron anemia deficiency.

7 signs of iron deficiency in infants

Iron deficiency

1. Anorexia is one of the most common findings in infants with iron anemia deficiency.
2. Crying while crying is another common symptom. Infants with iron deficiency may have a lot of crying, nervousness and insomnia.
3. Iron deficiency causes swallowing difficulties in babies.
4. These babies get sick more often than other babies. The nails are weak and weak and quickly broken. Spillage in hair is a common finding in these babies.
5. If the anemia of iron deficiency occurs, the nerves become weak and the development of babies decline. A baby who has started walking may stop walking in this period.
6. Babies with iron anemia deficiency appear pale.
7. Soil, lime, paper and napkins are observed as another symptom of iron deficiency.

What is the anemia of iron deficiency anemia in infants?

Iron deficiency

Iron is the building stone of the material called hemoglobin which gives redness to my blood. Hemoglobin is responsible for transporting oxygen to the tissues. The condition in which hemoglobin is below the required value for age is called anemia. The anemia is called iron deficiency anemia. Symptoms of iron deficiency anemia are more severe. In the treatment of deficiency anemia, iron-containing foods should be augmented, iron-containing medicines used, and cancer-causing diseases should be treated.

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