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How does insomnia go? Do this for a sleeping problem!

Insomnia is a problem that almost everyone can not find a solution in a period of their life or long term. Sleep; physical strength, mental activity, psychological condition, and immunity. A good sleep will give strength to the body as well as add psychological moral to the person. However, it has been proven by scientific research that about 80% of people suffer from sleeping problems.

Hot baths, milk drinks and medicines are the most commonly used methods for falling asleep. However, these methods are usually temporary and insomnia persists. We have compiled suggestions of gold worth for hours that are not closing eyes, divided sleeps on the hour and those who can not fall asleep in case of sleeplessness.


Breathe through the left nostril!

This method of yoga is extreme temperature and for women who are suffering from insomnia with menopausal discomfort  . Lay your left side and close your right nostril. Start slowly and deeply breathing through the left nostril.

Stretch and relax!

It is possible to get ready for sleep by squeezing and loosening all the muscles while lying on your back. For insomnia this method; “Take a little slow breathing, curl your leg to the index and let go. Breathe again, your calf muscles, then your thighs, your hips, your belly, your chest tracks, arms and so on. Until it compresses, until you reach your body, tighten your muscles one by one, then loosen and relax. ”

Fight with the incompetent sleep!

Experts call this method sleep paradox. In this method, open your eyes that do not fall asleep and repeat the word ‘I will not sleep’. These words go to the brain as a sleep instruction, and the reason is that the brain negatives work well.

Spend your day in your mind!

Call back the places you went during the day, the speeches you made and the events; This reckoning will make you mentally ready for sleep as well as reducing your anxiety.


Turn your eyes!

According to experts, mimicking involuntary movements while sleeping helps release the sleepy hormone melatonin. One of the movements made while sleeping is to turn the pupils in place. Close your eyes and turn them three times.


The only thing you need to do in this method for insomnia, called visualization meditation using at least three senses, is to imagine yourself in a place where you will feel happy or feel. With voices, tastes, smells, in short, with the senses. This will bring physical and mental relaxation, as well as sleeping will lead to the next row.

Whisper yourself!

Sit on the bed and begin to breathe deeply through the diaphragm. Breathe and give it 6 times to force the rib cage and feel the burn. Give your focus to your breath and stand for a few seconds after 6 breaths. Then whisper your words to yourself; “I am ready to sleep …”

Sleeping Precision Points

In acupuncture, some points in the body have therapeutic effects for different problems. Here, pressing two or three places that bring sleep will be enough to go to sleep. Here, those three points;


“Put your fingers at the point between the eyebrows on the top of your nose, there is a slight indentation here, hold it for 20 seconds, leave it briefly and repeat it twice.”

“Sit at the edge of the bed and put your right foot in the left knee, find the slight gap between your finger and your second toe and press it in the same way.”

“While supporting your right foot, locate your finger on the top of your second toe just below your finger. Use your right hand’s thumb and index finger to gently squeeze your finger. ”

Make a list of concerns

It is an important cause of sleeplessness to be anxious by glancing at the things to be done in bed. Before you go to bed, write your list on paper so you can forget it until the next day. You can also imagine that you filled your ideas in a cab. You will be calm and easy to fall asleep.insomnia

Find your own sleep trigger!

This trigger can happen at any time when you sleep well. You can do this by conditioning your body and mind, and you can reclaim your sleep by applying it at the time of sleeplessness. For example, go to bed before sleeping, play with your hair, etc. do things, do not matter what it is, and just focus on how this action feels for you. For several nights, your body will learn to relate it to sleep, and repeating will convince you that your body is sleepy

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