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Lose weight 20 scientific methods & Full Guide for weight Lose

It takes a long time to diet programs and fluffy priced  sports  leave aside the salon and give ear to these 20 lose weight method. With these 20 techniques you will lose weight and enjoy healthy life. It’s much easier than you think these methods are going to be applied without pain, pain, morale, instead of long-lasting prescriptions, detoxies and recently fashionable surgeries …

Here are 20 scientific attenuation methods that will allow you to easily  lose weight ;lose weight

1. For abundant water!

Drinking water increases metabolic rate by 24-30% in a period of 1-1.5 hours. This means more calories.

2. Eat at least one egg in the morning!

Low fat and high protein eggs are the most important start in the morning, especially when we are hungry. A boiled or low-fat omelette gives you tranquility for a long time and gives you less yamen at next meals. You can raise the egg to 2 or even 3 depending on your weight.

3. For coffee Lose Weight!

There has been a lot of debate around coffee, but with plenty of antioxidant coffee at the same time to run metabolism. Studies have shown that caffeine can increase metabolism by 3-11%, and can also increase fat burning by 10-29%. However, this coffee has to be a healthy kahveser like Turkish coffee and filter coffee. Let’s not forget that instant coffee is a source of additive material that is widely consumed in the market.

lose weight

4. At least one cup of green tea per day!

Green tea is loaded with powerful antioxidants that are thought to work with caffeine to boost fat burning. The fat burning reputation of green tea from the strongest metabolism runners is also very long …

5. Cook the food with coconut oil.

Result of research; Coconut oil, rich in medium chain triglycerides, has been shown to greatly increase metabolic rate by 120 calories a day, while reducing daily calorie intake by as much as 256 calories.

6. Goodbye to sugar …

Especially in the age, you have to give up the sugar added to the coffee as soon as possible. The sweetest poison, along with sugar high fructose corn syrup, invites obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and more.

7. Stay away from refined carbohydrates!lose weight

This means that it is time to open the search for processed baked goods. Bread, cakes, cookies, and derivatives all cause sudden hunger, with blood sugar flushing, along with the sugar found in processed foods. For example bread and other meals that are eaten with the desire to eat at breakfast and 1-2 hours to give the hunger signals.

8. Keep a Food Diary

Studies on weight loss; With a portion control and calorie counting, it is the result of keeping a food diary that you have recorded exactly what you eat, which increases your lose weight success.

9. Get healthy snacks under your hand for moments of sudden hunger.

When you are hungry, you can be helpless for the first thing that will satisfy you. Usually this can be an unhealthy option, such as processed snacks. Try to keep only healthy foods at hand to prevent you from consuming empty calories. All fruits, a handful of nuts, raw vegetables and yogurt are the best options to consider.

10. Eat hot peppers!

This suggestion for those who are resistant to pain is to increase metabolism. That is, red pepper is one of the foods that increase metabolism the most. For this you can put red pepper on every meal and you can lose weight by eating the hot pepper as you wish.

lose weight

11. Perform cardio exercises.

Performing aerobic and cardio exercises consolidates your physical and mental well-being while at the same time providing you with quick weight gain. Cardiovascular and regional exercises are essential for belly fat, the hardest melting oil.

12. Do regional body exercises.

A major disadvantage of dieting is muscle loss and reduced metabolism. To prevent this, try to remove the weights associated with a higher metabolism and prevent muscle mass loss.

13. Eat meat at least 3 days a week.lose weight

Red meat and white meat will not only be consumed with meat but will also increase protein muscle loss. The meat you consume with a salad will help protect the muscle structure of the body.

14. Consume plenty of vegetables and fruits that are water-rich in content .

Most vegetables and fruits are full of water and less energy intensive, which provides you with more energy without consuming too much calories as it provides less energy per gram of food. These are fruits and vegetables such as cucumber, zucchini, peach, watermelon. Surveys show that those who eat them regularly tend to lose weight less.

15. Crack every bite for a long time!

It has been scientifically proven that the sensation of satiety comes after 20 minutes of eating. This means that chewing for a long time will end your meal in parallel with the feeling of toughness and the duration of the release of the fasting hormone will be extended.

16. Get your sleep well!

Research shows that bad sleep is one of the biggest factors in sacrificing obesity. This is an increase of 89 percent between children and 55 percent in adults. A quality sleep; (according to fat burning during sleep) is also the prolongation of the fat burning period.

lose weight

17. Do not depend on meals!

Addiction seems to be a heavy word in our society for obvious reasons, but do not take care of your health problems in this regard. If you have a diet that leaves your mind behind, and you are eating too much food beyond your control beyond nutrition and fun, then you can be a food addict. A 2014 study found that 19.9 percent of people have food dependency.

18. Consume more protein.

The consumption of a high protein level diet increases the metabolic rate by 80 to 100 per day and increases the calorie intake to 441 fewer calories per day. Especially cheese and yogurt is a source of protein that helps to keep fat and fat for long time.

19. Do not drink sugary drinks in your mouth!

Coke, soda, fruity soda, fruit juice, and other poison resources where we store sugars in the body for the sake of cooling down during the summer days. It will be a dream to lose weight as long as you are not far away from them, including those with diets.

 20. Stay away from chaotic prescriptions.

This means that you do not apply dietary lists of dietary supplements for snacks and snacks. Sometimes, do not consume more than two meals a day. This is both confusion and digestive disorder. The body entering the body is simple and complex, and the body will give it to you.

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