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What Should You Do To Lower Your Baby’s fever High Temper?

Increasing baby’s fever is a concern for families. It is necessary to consult a doctor directly when a fever is seen in 3 month old infants. If the baby is 3 months older and the fever is 38 – 39 degrees, the general feasibility of the baby can be taken into account and fever reduction methods applied at home.

How is baby’s fever measured?

baby's fever

It is useful to know how many degrees of normal body temperature are in order to accurately determine whether a baby’s fever has exited. For this, it is useful to make weekly measurements and keep records while the baby is not hot.

The baby’s fever is measured in the healthiest way. It is important to make sure that the measuring instrument is properly seated in the ear canal. It can also be measured under the armpit, under the tongue and under the panties. However, sublingual measurement is relatively difficult in children under 2 years of age. Measurements made under the armpit also have a half-degree lower fire level.

How high is the high fever?

baby's fever

Fever at 40 ° and above in infants is considered high and should be consulted immediately. If the fire of 3 months old babies is between 38 ° and 39 °, home fire reduction methods can be applied. but you can not recover within 3 days, you should go to a doctor. If a measurement that occurs between 34.5 ° and 38 ° is not to be anxious but the baby is in a patient state, measures should be taken at the beginning of the hour to measure the fever again.

In which situations is it necessary to go to a doctor?

baby's fever

Diarrhea accompanied by fever, vomiting, loss of appetite, weakness, etc. should be discussed with the doctor without any time, drug treatment should be started if necessary. You should not be given medication without consulting the doctor. If the methods of fever reduction in babies do not work and the duration of the baby’s fever is extended to 3 days, consult your doctor before it is too late.

What are the methods of high fever reduction in infants?

baby's fever

• Vomiting of infants with baby’s fever is normal. In such a case, covering the baby with thick clothes causes the fire to rise even further. Instead, the thick clothes on the baby should be removed and the baby should be dressed in a thin and plentiful garment. A baby can also wrap a thin towel or a bedspread.
• The warm shower is one of the first applications for babies with fever. Babies full of warm water should be held for 15-20 minutes and tilted backwards. Water should not be poured down from the head of the baby. At the same time, a wet towel, sponge or cloth can be worn around the body to dress. Materials such as cold water, ice, water, cologne, alcohol should not be used for dressing.

• Baby drinks and drinking water

are among the first things to be done. Food should be easy to digest and low in fat. It is necessary to keep the temperature of the room where the baby is located at around 22 degrees.
• To reduce baby’s fever, medication should not be used unless approved by the doctor. Infants over 39 degrees of fever may be given anti-febrile drugs after consulting their doctor.

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