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How does the nail sink? Natural solution for nail sinking

How do you usually get uncomfortable shoes, wrong nail cutting, and nail sticking due to hereditary causes? What causes a painful, inflamed and challenging process of nail biting? Can the nail sink be treated at home without going to the doctor? Here’s the solution to prevent and pass the nail sinking

How does the nail sink? Natural solution for nail sinking ...

Nail sinking ; sometimes it is a wrong application and sometimes it can cause problems to many people hereditary. Preventive practices for nail clippings, as well as solutions that can be easily applied at home for those who have not gone too far. However, minor surgical operations may be needed for nail drops that reach up to the next dimension.

Generally, the biggest symptom of the nail sinking, which is seen as the penetration of the nail from the inside to the under the skin, is the extreme pain and pain that occurs at the tip of the finger. Shoe bulging and torna prolongation can also cause redness, swelling, burning and inflammation in the same region. Nail plucking can be seen especially in the 20-30 age, men are more likely to be seen than  women .

What is the treatment of ingrown nail

What causes nail sticking?

The nail, which finds itself under the skin, infects infections and an inflammation process starts under the skin. Symptoms such as redness, pain, burning, inflammation tendency then follow. After infection of yellow nail from the nail, it is seen very rarely, but the infection of the nail is inflamed and infected.

What is the real reason for your nails sinking?

Bored and uncomfortable shoes; One of the biggest reasons for the nail sinking is tight, heeled, pointed shoe which both disturbs the foot and disrupts the toenail shape. It is recommended that you wear comfortable shoes for the front side that will not squeeze your toenails.

Incorrect nail cutting; the deep cuts of the round and buried nails cause the nail to grow under the skin in the same way. For this reason, the toe nails should be cut straight, not round.

Pedicure;  The wrongly applied pedicures can cause the nail to become infected and become submerged afterwards

Injuries;  the impact of the torn and damage to the nail is seen at the end of the injury. Particularly football players and jogging are favorites.

Genetic condition;  if  there is a person living in the family with a  nail problem, you may encounter nail biting.

Infection conditions; fungus etc. in the nail. infections  can cause thickening and enlargement of the nail structure resulting in a final wreck.

How do the nail sinks go?

Swelling and flushing are only seen in the nail in the first stage of nail sinking, which is most commonly observed on the toe. At first, there was no inflammation or fluid coming. Later on, the nail bolus advances without any intervention, and the temperature, burning and last inflammatory flow are visible in the region where the nail is thrown. Whitish liquid flowing from the infection of  news cii rather than is the body’s reaction to the nail in the skin. Inflammation in the form of yellow pus seen afterwards is the news that the tornado has infected and worsened .

How does the nail sink?

In the mentioned initial phase, the ingrowing of the nail can be controlled by the solutions at home before inflammation occurs. However, if fever and inflammation increase in intensity,  light operations such as pulling nails can be initiated.

nail sinking solution

Solutions that can be applied at home for nail decay; 

* Keep your feet in hot water 4 times a day.

* Be careful of foot cleanliness. Wash your feet twice a day with soapy water and take care to keep them clean and dry.

* Avoid tight and heeled shoes when you are nailed. If possible, prefer only sandals and slippers.

Do this before you go to the doctor;  D try to lift the corner of the nail sinking melt. Place a piece of cotton between the nail and the skin so that it will hold firmly. There must be a gap between them. Although this is a painful procedure, it is the most important part of home care. Immediately after your feet have been soaked in hot water, push the cotton swab that you put together a little further and change the swab every day. Within 7-15 days your fret will grow and the problem of sinking will pass. If you have been doing these regularly for 3 days, see your doctor. You can also apply for pain relief at this stage for intense pain and soreness.

Another method; keep your feet in hot water for a while, adding salt or something softening. Then rub antibiotic ointment and bandage it. After a few days, try to stand your foot in hot water and then try to remove the wreck with a scraper and pedicure scissors. Then, ointment and bandage again.

If your nail does not heal …

If the nail does not pass after the procedures applied at home and it is repeated; you should consult a doctor. This is an advanced process; abnormal touching and partial scraping of the nail root will be an appropriate operation. After the procedure, the sinking side of the nail root is destroyed in order to prevent sinking from the same place.

So, will the nail sticking repeat after this operation? In cases where abnormal, non-healing tissues are taken, it is not expected to repeat. It is only a matter of time before the fingernail is pulled and the nail drops again when the inflamed and abnormal touch is not taken.

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