Wednesday , January 3 2018

How does insomnia go? Do this for a sleeping problem!

Insomnia is a problem that almost everyone can not find a solution in a period of their life or long term. Sleep; physical strength, mental activity, psychological condition, and immunity. A good sleep will give strength to the body as well as add psychological moral to the person. However, it has been proven by …

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To protect the weight of the winter months


The desire to stay at home instead of going out in cold weather winter months can cause the nights to lengthen and the day to shorten and the negative thinkers to lose weight inadvertently. Dietitian Emre Uzun’s digestive system strengthens the recipe and you can enter the winter months happier and healthier. …

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10 prescription has at least three antibiotics – infection


Clinical Microbiology and infection Infectious Diseases Association (KLIMİK) Board Member Dr. Önder Ergönül stated that at least three of the 10 prescriptions are antibiotics and that “the resistance rates are quite high as a result of this intensive consumption.” said. KLIMİK and the European Association of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID) have started a two-day course in Istanbul to reduce …

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What should be done to gain weight?

Gain weight eating disorders and malnutrition. Weak people are less resistant to external factors. They become easier sick and have a longer recovery time. They get tired faster. Body fat is more difficult to control gain weight in cold climates because subcutaneous fat layers are insufficient. How obesity and obesity constitute a risk factor for chronic …

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