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What should people who have a problem of shortness of breath do?

Those who open the holiday season find that the resort is cool in air-conditioned environments or pools to protect from the heat.

However, those with asthma need to think twice before choosing where they will go, when entering the pool, and before running the air conditioner in their home.

Istanbul Aydin University Hospital VM Medical Park Hospital Chest Disease Specialist Assist. Assoc. Dr. Cengiz Şen also had important reminders for those who suffer from shortness of breath.

Asthma is a condition that causes the airways in our lungs to become blocked and causes shortness of breath.

Behind this blockage can be many causes such as infections, allergic substances, certain foods and medicines, reflux disease, as well as air pollution level, temperature, and humidity of the air we breathe.

Asst. Assoc. Dr. Cengiz Şen warned that the poor weather and the chlorinated pools with hot air and high humidity we exposed during the summer months are also among the triggering factors in asthma;

Stay away from the carpeted rooms

People with problems with respiratory tracts need to be careful when making many choices, especially in the summer months. At the beginning of these;

  • To avoid being outdoors when the temperature and humidity are high, and to avoid strenuous physical activities during these hours,
  • Mold spores and house dust mites are increasing in highly humid environments. Those with asthma should opt for non-carpeted rooms at accommodation that they choose for their holidays. It should also be remembered that the use of antiallergic bedspreads will reduce the exposure to house dust mites,
  • Pools frequently used in the summer months and especially disinfected with chlorine can cause breathlessness in asthmatic patients with chlorine sensitivity,
  • Absolutely enough fluid should be taken and regularly used asthma medicines that follow you should follow the recommendations of your doctor,

Keep the air clean, keep your breath

It is important to keep the ambient temperature and the areas where the noodle is too high in an air-conditioned environment so that the temperature and the noodle are in proper conditions.

For asthmatic cases, the optimum amount of moisture in the ambient air is 30-50 percent. However, especially in the use of air conditioners, it is essential that the ambient temperature is not excessively cooled and that the air conditioner does not give airflow directly to the person.

Care must also be taken to clean the air conditioning filters regularly. Otherwise, the air conditioner can do much harm. Some mushrooms and very dangerous bacteria can be produced in the uncleaned climate. As a result of these fungi and bacteria reaching the lungs by air, they can become asthma attacks and deadly pneumonia (pneumonia).

Water system change may be the cause of lung infection

Legionella pneumonia (Legionella disease) is defined as a lung infection caused by a bacterium called ‘Legionella pneumophilia’. This bacterium can live in environments containing moisture and water.

Elders, cancer patients, people with chronic lung diseases, smokers, people using cortisone and its derivatives, those who are recently staying in hotels, and those who make changes in the water supply in their homes are at risk for this disease.

Symptoms and signs of Legionella pneumonitis may range from mild upper respiratory tract infection symptoms to lethal pneumonia. Usually, within the first 24-48 hours, there are symptoms of weakness, malaise, muscle aches and severe headache.

Then, suddenly rising fever, then pneumonia in the lung x-ray shadows are detected. Symptoms such as a dry cough, side pain, impaired consciousness, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea can sometimes be added to these.

In cases of severe pneumonia, severe respiratory failure develops in patients and follow-up and treatment should be performed under intensive care conditions.

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