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Pregnancy Yoga What is the pregnant Yoga what are the benefits?

Pregnancy is a period of great change that lasts about 40 weeks. The dimensions of this change are assessed under three main headings: physical, mental and emotional. Pregnant yoga extremely important for the mother candidate to be comfortable in this journey that lasts for 9 months and 10 days and to adapt to the process both in terms of her own health and the developmental process of the baby. For this reason, the Pregnancy Yoga is recommended by obstetricians as long as the person is not a special obstacle.

What is pregnant yoga?

pregnancy yoga

Pregnancy, along with being a miraculous process, brings with it the deep feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, and insecurity. The woman confronts her identity, and while she is preparing for a new life and baby, one side also connects with the unborn offspring in this process.

Pregnancy yoga is a method of exercise that not only empowers women physically and emotionally at different stages of their pregnancy but also includes movements and breathing techniques that prepare the mind for birth.

How is a pregnant yoga made?

pregnancy yoga

It is important to be sure that the mother candidate who will go to the pregnant yoga sessions first works with an expert trainer in this regard. If any books or CDs are to be used, the warnings must be taken into consideration, and movement and breathing exercises should be made so as not to force the body.

It is enough to get a yoga mattress for a pregnancy yoga that does not require special equipment. Occasionally, tires of different elasticity and pilates of different sizes can be used during yoga.

What are the benefits of pregnant yoga?

pregnant yoga

With its physical dimension, pregnancy creates compelling effects on the musculoskeletal system. Changing the center of gravity can trigger back, waist and neck pain, causing various cramps and contractions. A steep and strong backbone, durable muscular and skeletal system, flexible joints help to adapt to this process much easier.

While the pregnancy yoga strengthens muscles and bones with various exercises, it corrects postural disorders and teaches to breathe correctly. With the baby beginning to develop and grow, the oxygen of the mother will increase and the correct breathing will accelerate the blood circulation and ensure a healthy process for both the mother and the baby by providing more oxygen to the cells.

With pregnant yoga exercises, arm and leg muscles will develop, flexibility will increase, pelvic muscles will be strengthened and will be entered much faster than postpartum restoration process, not just the pregnancy process but also the birth.

No maternal candidate is fully prepared for the mother at the beginning of her pregnancy. The 40-week pregnancy adventure is an ideal time frame for this preparation. The pregnancy yoga prepares the ground for calming, hearing their own inner voice, confronting what they have emerged in the spiritual and intellectual world of this entirely personal period. As awareness increases, as spirit and mind integrity is caught, stress and anxiety decrease. One can focus more easily on the presence of the baby and the moment of reunification. It is enough to have a pregnancy yoga twice a week, which can be continued from the beginning to the end of your pregnancy.

In what conditions is the pregnancy Yoga harmful?

pregnant yoga

Of course, doing such exercises without consulting a doctor in a sensitive process such as pregnancy can cause some problems. If there are problems such as a physiological problem, low danger, advanced waist and neck stiffness that prevent the mother candidate from exercising, she should be interviewed with the doctor before doing yoga.

Once you have received the doctor’s approval, you need to be sure of the competence and competence of the yoga instructor to work with. As long as there is no obstacle in these matters, it is very likely that yoga will be a healthy exercise habit that can be continued after the pregnancy, just as yoga will not be a loss.

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