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To protect the weight of the winter months

To protect the weight of the winter months ..."

The desire to stay at home instead of going out in cold weather winter months can cause the nights to lengthen and the day to shorten and the negative thinkers to lose weight inadvertently. Dietitian Emre Uzun’s digestive system strengthens the recipe and you can enter the winter months happier and healthier.

Long, “” Winter season creates unwanted negative energy, which adds to the time spent in closed environments, causing more problems of eating and dwelling, “he says. Also, the cold air of the air causes the immune system to be affected in the negative direction. With the lengthening of the nights, the snacks that are eaten at home are increasing,winter months

while the cold weather is also “leaving the place of the demeler walking in this beautiful air to taxi or buses. What should be done to strengthen our immune system and prevent weight gain in the winter? Here are the secrets of how you should be fed in the winter months.

5 nutrients that rais mode winter months

Spinach: the healthiest seratonin of the winter months. Spinach contains folic acid and magnesium to relax and stimulate the secretion of the hormone of happiness makes us a positive mood.

Bitter Chocolate: It is an undeniable fact that chocolate gives happiness. At the same time, thanks to the theobromine it contains, it improves our mood and helps keep us alive during the winter months. Note that it is only bitter and not more than 1-2 frames a day.

Scratch: Here’s your omega3 feast. Thanks to omega3, the brain is getting tired and at the same time it pulls you out of depressed mood. You can consume yogurt with salad or with olive oil.

Pomegranate: This fruit which is filled with antioxidant decreases the stress due to high vitamin C and brings positive mood. At the same time, by fighting free radicals, it strengthens our metabolism and creates a shield against diseases. In the winter months you can use your salad.

Meat: It is a good source of tryptophan and has high quality proteins. Red meat and chicken help to weaken more. It contains tryptophan, which helps to raise the level of serotonin by increasing the release of serotonin.

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