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What should be done to gain weight?

gain weight 

Gain weight eating disorders and malnutrition. Weak people are less resistant to external factors. They become easier sick and have a longer recovery time. They get tired faster.

Body fat is more difficult to control gain weight in cold climates because subcutaneous fat layers are insufficient. How obesity and obesity constitute a risk factor for chronic diseases is very weak, increasing the risk of death from heart failure and cancer. Post-menopausal women and older people are at increased risk for osteoporosis. ”

If the reason for weakness is to be investigated first, then the prevention methods should be applied according to the result. the weakness is due to a disorder related to the use of nutrients in the body, no matter how much the diet is corrected, no result can be obtained. And If this is due to the energy of the diet, ie if it is caused by malnutrition, it will be corrected with this diet.

What should be done to gain weight ? How should be fed? What are the suggestions that will help in weight gain? Steel, giving information about all these issues with the finest details, expressed the need to be careful and tricky points.

Here are the tricks for getting weight …

How should be fed?

gain weight 
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A meal with empty calories , which is called abur, is not a good way to lose weight. Such foods usually contain unhealthy trans fats or unsaturated fats. If you want to increase your daily energy intake, this energy should be provided from healthy foods. Fish with excess omega-3 content (tuna, salmon, sea bass, mackerel) from the fat group may be preferred to flaxseed or walnuts. The best choice for proteins is fish, chicken, dried legumes and hazelnuts. Healthy carbohydrates are fruits, vegetables and whole-grain products. In addition, diets can be placed between meals in powder proteins and enteral products (such as ensure). Powder products can be mixed with water, juice or milk. Do not use these products without consulting your doctor or dietitian.

Some Suggestions That Will Help Weight Loss :

• Take care to have at least one food from the dairy group, meat group, cereal group and vegetable and fruit group at your main meals (morning, noon and evening).

• If you make 3 large meals a day, it may be more beneficial to do 5-6 small balanced meals.

• Oils provide toughness because they remain on the scoop for a long time. For this reason, the person who wants to gain weight should not eat fried in oil and very fatty foods. Meat dishes should be cooked without adding oil, and sufficient amount of oil should be added to meatless ones.gain weight 

• Meals in the middle of the day should be nutritious foods such as fruit, milk and dairy products, milky desserts and toast, not empty calorie sources.

• Choose fried potatoes, fried chicken and potatoes instead of fish, grilled chicken and fish, and increase the portion sizes slightly. The best simple carbohydrate foods you can get are honey and molasses.

• Dried nuts (walnuts, nuts, almonds) and dry fruits (apricots, figs, etc.) increase both energy and vitamin and mineral content of your diet. Adding flaxseed to your diet increases both omega-3 content, both fiber and energy content.gain weight 

• Water, tea, coffee and soda do not contain calories. Choose drinks that are high in nutritional value and contain more energy such as milk, buttermilk or fruit juice. Liquids fill your mind and prevent you from eating more. So it would be beneficial if you could do the liquid consumption 30-60 minutes before or after meals. It may be a good time to have a meal at night because your appetite for the next meal is not affected.

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