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where does sperm go during pregnancy? Does sperm flow out of the vagina Pregnancy Block

During sexual intercourse with the emptying of the man, the body is given the name of liquid, semen or smeen. The semen fluid is between about 3 cc and 5 cc. When the male woman is discharged into the body, this fluid is collected in the posterior fornix located between the vagina and the cervix (cervix). This fluid contains millions of sperm. However, sperm only brings about 5% of the liquid to the fruit. 95% of the semen fluid comes from the substances outside the sperm. where does sperm go during pregnancy

On average, about 50 to 100 million sperm are present in the liquid leaving the vagina. However, only a few of these sperms pass through the uterine cervix and into the uterus and the tube organ, allowing only one sperm egg to join and fertilize. In consequence of this, the pregnancy comes into play . In short, 95% of the liquid that is poured into the vagina with the emptying of the man is already outside the sperm and they do not move into the uterus. Because of this, they are thrown out of the body. In addition to this situation, sperm that do not move into the uterus are also thrown out of the body. where does sperm go during pregnancy

2) When do the sperm move into the uterus and the scar? where does sperm go during pregnancy

As a result of various investigations, it has been recorded that the sperm that the male pours into the vagina after sexual intercourse, progresses into the uterus and the scar within only 2 minutes. For this reason, it is not the case that sperm flowing out of the body and other fluids prevent the pregnancy or cause infertility. Sperm can maintain its vitality for 3 days.

where does sperm go during pregnancy
Pregnant woman and her husband. Mom and dad touch each other with their bellies, side view

Immediately after the discharge, even the flow of sperm does not prevent you from getting pregnant. Because the vagina surely keeps the sperm in a small amount, these sperms rapidly move into the uterus and the tubers. We advise couples wanting to have a baby, after sexual intercourse, that the woman should rest on her back for 15 to 20 minutes and raise her leg by putting a pillow under her hip.

These recommendations are not tied to any scientific foundation. However, it is a recommendation that is too much applied in clinical practice and is not seen as harmless. Couples who do not fulfill this recommendation can also provide a very comfortable pregnancy.

3) Will sperm ejection cause infertility? where does sperm go during pregnancy

As a result, in couples who want to be pregnant or do not want to be pregnant, if the woman is not emptied into sexual intercourse during the sexual intercourse, it is normal that this liquid is expected to flow out already in the future. It is not the case that the woman’s vagina remains or disappears by itself. In some women, the vagina throws out this semen very quickly, while in some women it is a little slower and later. However, this period does not matter in terms of your pregnancy. Immediate flow of sperm out does not cause your pregnancy to come out of the water or cause infertility. where does sperm go during pregnancy

where does sperm go during pregnancy


Sexual intercourse is possible until the 32nd week in pregnancy . Of course, this is the case for pregnancies that do not carry the risk. If your pregnancy is in control of your doctor and it goes smoothly, your sexual relationship may also go smoothly.

At the beginning of your pregnancy, sexual desire begins to arise in your mother, which is very normal. But as the mothers adjust to this change in their own time, the desire to increase is seen. However, sexual intercourse can become technically difficult due to the well-being of the patient. As long as the comfort of both can be achieved, sexuality can last forever.where does sperm go during pregnancy

There is no trouble getting into sexual intercourse until the last four weeks of your pregnancy. The reason for this restriction in the last 4 weeks is that some ingredients in the men’s menu may cause uterine contraction and premature birth.

“The wife in pregnancy, the discharge into the baby and the birth of the danger?” Erdogan answers the question, “No, we can not say ‘it is medically harmful, absolutely not to be done’. It is not forbidden to get inside. But there are some risks; one of these risks the risk of getting an infection that you absolutely must use a condom to prevent this. Also, if there is a bloody discharge, sexual abstinence may be necessary and in this case consulting the doctor is useful. It is easy to understand that except for the small risks, you can expect your baby to maintain a healthy and happy sex life. ”

Some Questions About It

The sperm may become pregnant if it does not enter the vagina directly.

How deep is the pregnancy in the sperm vagina? where does sperm go during pregnancy ?

Answer: Not too far! It does not have to reach deep into the vagina to achieve pregnancy.

The sperm that goes out while the penis is erecting contains millions of sperm cells, and only one of them provides a pregnancy. When the semen enters the genital organ or vagina mouth, semen living sperm cells float to the vagina and fertilize the egg.

where does sperm go during pregnancy

But that does not mean he is taking on all the business. The oily fluid of the vagina creates a slippery pathway for the sperm to move towards the interior of the vagina. Imagine that it is a very important appointment with sperm eggs and that all the sexual fluids are a GPS that accelerates this appointment.

In the light of this information, if the sperm directly enters the vagina, pregnancy is more likely to occur, but pregnancy may occur even if it reaches the semen, the external genital organ or the vaginal area. That’s why it is important to use condoms or other contraceptive methods if you do not want to have children, say from us!


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